UV Glass Jars: 500ml & 1000ml Ultraviolet Black Glass (Not Coated)


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Maximize your Storage with Larger UV Glass Jars

Discover the perfect solution for keeping all your items fresh and vibrant with our UV Glass Jars. Our upgraded 500ml and 1000ml sizes offer superior protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring your oils, ointments, flower buds and other valuable items stay in top condition.


Our 500ml size are designed to securely hold your floral items and other valuables. With a height of 15.7cm (without lid) and a diameter of 8.5cm, these jars provide ample space. With the lid that brings the overall height to 16.5cm.


For those needing more storage, our 1000ml size are perfect. Standing at 19.5cm (with lid) and with a diameter of 9.5cm, these jars offer plenty of room for your botanical treasures.


UV Protection: Our black glass jars block harmful UV rays, keeping your herbs, flowers, and other items fresh and vibrant.

Long-Lasting Preservation: Our jars help maintain the potency and quality of your items for longer periods.

Elegant and Functional: These jars are designed to look good while being practical for storage, display, or transport.

Durable Craftsmanship: Made from specialized UV-blocking black glass, our jars provide lasting protection without fading.

Great Value: Enjoy competitive wholesale prices, making our jars a smart investment for your valuable items.


🌿 Maintain Color: Our jars help prevent fading, keeping your herbs and flowers looking vibrant.

Extend Shelf Life: Protect your items from UV damage, reducing waste and saving you money.

🌺 Keep Potency: Preserve the aroma and therapeutic properties of your herbs and flowers for longer.

Upgrade to our 500ml and 1000ml UV Glass Jars to keep your herbs and oils safe from UV damage. Contact us today to order and protect your valuable items!

Jar Size and Quantity

Qty 1 – 1000ml Jar, Qty 1 – 500ml Jar, Qty 5 – 1000ml Jars, Qty 5 – 500ml Jars


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UV Glass Jars: 500ml & 1000ml Ultraviolet Black Glass (Not Coated)
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