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Baller Fridge – Portable Rechargeable Mini Concentrate Refrigerator

📦 What’s in the Box?

Baller Portable Fridge

1 Lithium Battery Pack (10200mAh), option to add an extra pack

1 Power Adapter

1 USB Power Cord

Instruction Manual



Baller Fridge


Introducing the Baller Portable Fridge – The Ultimate Solution for Concentrate Storage!

DEEPEST PORTABLE MINI FRIDGE ON THE MARKET – (Holds six 1oz Jars no problem) This fridge measures in Fahrenheit!

🌡️ Keep Your Concentrates Cold and Fresh! 🌬️

Are you tired of your concentrates losing their potency and flavor due to heat exposure? Say goodbye to that problem with the Baller Portable Fridge! 🍯

🔥 Why Choose Baller Portable Fridge?

✅ Intelligent Temperature Control

✅ Large-Screen LED Display

✅ Noise-Free and Eco-Friendly

✅ Compact and Lightweight Design

With this portable mini fridge, you can set the perfect temperature range between 32°F to 64°F  to keep your concentrates at their best. Maintain color, potency, and taste effortlessly. 💎

💡 Key Features:

✔️ Easy Power On/Off

✔️ Quick Temperature Adjustment

✔️ Multiple Power Options

✔️ Long Battery Life

✔️ Fast Charging

Power it up, set your preferred temperature, and let the Baller Fridge take care of the rest! 🥶

🔌 External Power Supply: Connect it anywhere – USB ports, mobile chargers, car power supplies – for uninterrupted cooling.

🔋 Lithium Battery Power: Carry extra batteries for longer usage. Perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts. Up to 7 Hours of usage on a full charge.

❗ Points to Note:

🚫 No Water Contact 🔄 Proper Ventilation 🔌 Disconnect When Not in Use

The Baller Fridge is designed to keep your concentrates fresh and potent, so you can enjoy them to the fullest. 🌿

🔊 Problems? We’ve Got You Covered: From power adapter issues to temperature discrepancies, our warranty ensures your peace of mind.

🎥 Be sure to check out our YouTube page for instructional videos.

🌐 Also, be sure to join our active community on Reddit and Discord forums. We have many users ready to help out and share their experiences.

📧 As always, feel free to contact info@nicedreamzwholesale.com with any issue.


Enjoy years of reliable and satisfying use with the Baller Portable Fridge – Your Concentrates’ Best Friend! 🙌

Get Yours Today and Keep It Cool! ❄️

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eXtra Battery Pack Option

Baller Fridge with 1 Battery Pack, Baller Fridge with 2 Battery Packs


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Baller Fridge – Portable Rechargeable Mini Concentrate Refrigerator
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