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Nice Dreamz Essential Oil Fogger Accessories and Spare Parts

The most incredible essential oil fogger.



**Nice Dreamz Essential Oil Fogger Spare Parts & Accessories**


Upgrade and enhance your Nice Dreamz Fogger experience with our premium spare parts and accessories. Elevate your fogging game with genuine Nice Dreamz replacement components.

**Available Parts & Accessories:**

1. **Nice Dreamz Fogger Glass Top**
– Crafted for clarity and durability, providing a crystal-clear view into the magic of your fogging experience.

2. **14mm Male Short Glass Angled Adapter**
– Enhance the versatility of your fogger with this short glass adapter.

3. **Rebuildable Heater**
– Keep your fogger performing at its best with our quality rebuildable heater.

4. **2pk Extra Side and Bottom Heated Cups**
– Ensure you never run out of options with additional heated cups for varied sessions.

5. **2 Sony VTC6 Batteries**
– Power up your fogger with reliable Sony VTC6 batteries for uninterrupted enjoyment.

6. **Single Tube 90° Glass Adapter**
– Customize your setup with the single tube 90° glass adapter.

7. **Two Tube 90° Glass Hose Adapter**
– For a unique and personalized fogging experience.

8. **4-Pack Silicone Whip Tubes**
– Flexible and durable silicone whip tubes for smooth sessions.

9. **10-Pack Silicone Whip Tubes**
– Stock up on silicone whip tubes for extended use.

10. **Long Glass Angled Adapter**
– Extend your reach and enjoy fogging from different angles.

11. **Removable Fan** 
– Replace or upgrade your fan for optimal performance. 

12. 14mm male to 18mm male glass converter

– Use this to attach any 18mm Female

13. **Three Tube 90° Glass Adapter**
– Allows for airflow out of three whips when needed.

14. **Four Tube 90° Glass Adapter**
– Allows for airflow out of  four whips when needed.


**Customer Support:**
– Connect with us on Discord, Reddit, or email at info@nicedreamzwholesale.com.

*Thank you for choosing Nice Dreamz! Elevate your fogging experience responsibly.*


Accessories Available

Nice Dreamz Fogger Glass Top, 14mm male short glass angled adapter, Rebuildable Heater, 2 pk Extra side and bottom heated cups, 45º Short glass angle joint, 2 Sony VTC6 batteries, Single Tube 90° Glass Adapter, Two Tube 90° Glass Hose Adapter, 4pck silicone whip tubes, 10pck silicone whip tubes, Long Glass Angled Adapter, Removable Fan, 14mm to 18mm Glass Converter, Three Tube 90° Glass Adapter, Four Tube 90° Glass Hose Adapter


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Nice Dreamz Essential Oil Fogger Accessories and Spare Parts
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